The Annual Do-Over

Have you made your resolution list yet? The start of the new year is always met with great enthusiasm with new goals, a chance to start fresh and hopes of making the new year better than the last one. It is the time of year for an annual do-over. The fact that most resolutions don’t come to fruition no matter how hard we try, is one reason why I never make New Years resolutions. Instead I look back on the great things of the past year and what I can look forward to in the year ahead.

The year of 2017 started a bit slow for me as I dealt with physical therapy on a major injury.. After a couple months it was business as usual starting with a trip out in Arizona. It was nice to get away from the colder weather here in Michigan and enjoy some warmth and sunshine. We were also able to see quite a bit in the limited time we had. When we got back from our trip I certainly made up for lost time with the knee injury. Between April and early November I was out exploring and seeing all the great things Michigan had to offer. I met some people with some interesting stories that made the place I was at more significant. Often we focus on the great landmarks of Michigan from lighthouses to waterfalls, but there is so much more to Michigan than these iconic places. I was fortunate to get a closer look at some of Michigan’s smaller towns and the people in them. I was fortunate to visit many scenic attractions, places of history and a few museums here and there. Occasionally I went out of state to get a gimps of some of our neighboring states natural beauty.  It was certainly a busy year.

As we start the year 2018, I have no idea what it will bring. I am excited to keep exploring our great state. I am looking forward to gathering the stories behind some of our states great attractions. It is what the Mitten Discoveries is all about; exploring the known attractions and features of our state as well as discovering treasures often undiscovered. There is always a story to unlock no matter where you are or what place you are at in the state of Michigan. That is what I look forward to in the New Year. Our first month here in Michigan is off to a very cold start. The roads have been pretty treacherous lately and it looks to stay that way at least through the first couple weeks. I would love to do some major traveling, but I think I will stay close and explore some of our parks here in Kent County. Even at the local parks there is a story to be told. It could very well be my own as I journey through some deep snow to discover nature at its finest. No one knows what the year will bring. The new year is not an annual do-over for me; it is an extension of of the adventure I had throughout the past year.